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4 ways to protect and grow natural eyelashes

It wasn’t until a friend commented on the length and volume of my eyelashes that I realised how much they’d progressed from just a few small changes I’d made.

Rewind to last summer, I grossly encountered a very small sty on my eyelid that forced me stop using mascara and eyeliner for a little while, it turned out to be perfect timing to understanding the stress I was putting on my lashes by applying mascara almost everyday without a second thought.

As with all of my posts, I’m not promoting any sponsors or products, everything I share is first hand experience that I’ve tried and tested. Eyelashes are just hairs at the end of the day, and as we all know with our own hair that we shampoo and condition, it gets dry, it breaks and needs special care from time to time. I view mascara as hair gel; I wouldn’t go to sleep with hair gel and I wouldn’t wear it everyday as my hair would break – this post isn’t going to encourage you to stop wearing mascara at all but it is my first point…

1. Wear mascara less & Invest in Castor Oil: If your eyelashes are in a bad state at the moment you owe it to them to give them a break. Save it for the weekends, during the week you can apply castor oil to your eyelashes, literally a drip on the tip of your fingers and gentle massage through your eyelashes or purchase a mascara brush and distribute the castor oil with a perfectly clean mascara brush. This will give them a good shine, very slightly lengthen the curly ones but for those who feel awkward without mascara, this is your replacement, see if you can go 2 to 3 weeks without mascara.

2. Apply coconut oil: Literally the oil of the gods; will fix anything. Coconut oil contains a heap of healthy properties and natural fatty acids that just so happen to improve cell growth in your body, so the oil will also help new cells grow around your eyelashes too. I prefer coconut oil as it’s very light and smells so good. As I mentioned before hair gets dehydrated, I’m a bit of a nerd for knowing this but coconut oil’s molecules are tiny so they penetrate hair shafts very well, especially when wet, so apply some coconut oil to your eyelids and eyelashes after you wash your face at night.

3. Use Make Up Remover liquids not wipes: I’m a big fan of  Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water, I get them from boots every so often and they’re about £3.50 per 400ml, I put a few drops onto a cotton bud and use it to remove any eye makeup I have on that day, if I hold the cotton bud over my eye with the micellar water on it and move it in a circular motion my makeup will come off. I found that when I used to use wipes I’d scrunch up the wipe over my eyelashes to rub off the mascara over my eyelashes which I’m sure lost me a few lashes.

4. Apply Mascara the right way: The obvious tip to get out of the way is not to load your eyelashes with mascara and get a new mascara every 3 months. However when it comes to applying mascara, you want to start at the root of the hair and move the brush very quickly left to right whilst working your way towards the end of the eyelash, think of a violinist playing something really fast lol, kind of like that, just make sure you’re working your way to the ends of the eyelashes. I find that this method means I’ve got mascara equally applied to my lashes and I don’t have to apply any more because I have the length and volume I have in less swipes.

Other tips would be to look into natural mascara products, I’ve not tried any just yet so I can’t recommend any but I’m expecting a few natural goodies next month so once they’ve been tried and tested I’ll share it with you x