About Me

Mel ‘Her Royal Thighness’ is a Music Producer, Sex Positive Influencer and Fitness Model from London whose work can be seen on Channel 4, Huffington Post, Adidas and Reebok. She is of Haitian, St Lucian and Jamaican descent.

Starting off in the world of Journalism, Mel became a regular contributor for the likes of MTV UK, The Guardian and was part of the award winning team as a Digital Journalist at Birmingham Live.

She soon entered the world of Marketing and delivered Digital Marketing Campaigns for global brands in the worlds of health, finance, entertainment and fashion as a Consultant.

Unable to deny her passion for connecting with other women and improving her health, she ventured into the world of fitness and documented her journey online as a weight trainer, which led to joining a local American Football team in South London. Within a year of playing American Football, she was scouted for the women’s Great Britain squad and represented GB in the IFAF 2017 Women’s World Championships in Canada as a Running Back. Being a typical ENTP and wanting to exhaust other passions, Mel retired from football to pursue other opportunities that came her way.

Mel began teaching her popular “Espresso Workouts” at Adidas LDN Studios that incorporated training techniques from her football background to maximise strength and fitness results for women. She has modelled for Adidas in their 2018 ‘International Women’s Day’ Campaign, Reebok’s ‘My Hero Bra’ Collection with She Runs It and modelled for Reebok’s ‘Break The Standard’ Campaign in 2019. She has also modelled for OHNE, Serene Wear, WOMMA Wear, Philaprint, Rare Culture and ILU Fitwear.

Having quickly built up a community of like-minded women, Mel set up her own events company to provide a safe space for women in London to learn about fitness, nutrition, sex and beauty in a fun environment. For those across the pond who couldn’t attend events, Mel decided to regularly discuss adult topics with her followers online through lives, interviews, podcasts and polls, which merges her original love for journalism and allowing people to open up properly.

These honest, adult conversations caught the attention of Channel 4 where Mel featured in their Love in Lockdown series: a documentary showing how Mel dealt with lockdown in her relationship with long-term partner and Music Artist, Anansi. She was also featured in Huffington Post’s “Masturbation Month” video campaign where she shared her tips and advice about self-pleasure during lockdown.

In 2020, Mel was inspired to rekindle her childhood love for music by learning to produce and looks forward to releasing music in the summer of 2021.