Football’s back, what’s it looking like for Tottenham Hotspur?

June 19th, 2020

Tottenham have been through it all. Covid-19 came along and put the world and sports on hold but it might be one thing that Tottenham can secretly be thankful for.

It’s been 3 months and Tottenham will face Manchester United tonight at home. Let’s rewind back to March when Spurs was originally meant to play The Red Devils; the team would have struggled…and I’m probably being polite here. 

At the time, Kane was injured, Son was injured and Sissoko was down; the team in general looked fatigued so Tottenham fans should be feeling quite optimistic about tonight’s game as they’ve had time to get healthy. 

Also can we just remind ourselves that Son literally completed military service in South Korea during the pandemic so I expect him to do madness on the pitch. My man was exposed to tear gas, had to go on “lengthy hikes” and was trained to fire guns on the island of Jeju. So the rest of this season should be a walk in the park for him – what’s a football game to a soldier in the grand scheme of things? We see you, Son!

Tottenham should be refreshed and looked like they were in better form playing their friendly against Norwich which they lost…but Mourinho promises they were playing with Norwich…not against them…Hmm.

The only key player who won’t be playing tonight against Manchester United is Dele Alli due to a fine and suspension he received for making a covid-related joke online back in March. 

Mourinho isn’t happy about this or the treatment he’s faced and said “I don’t want to say much more than I don’t think he deserves a one-match ban compared with wrong behaviours at much bigger dimensions that happened during this period without any consequences. But we were for such a long period without Kane, Son, Sissoko.”

Speaking of Mourinho, everyone was pretty shocked that Tottenham got rid of their previous manager Mauricio Pochettino, it was like dumping a boyfriend who genuinely had a great track record, never cheated, got on well with the family and proposed. He was with us for almost 5 years, (a longer term than Harry Redknapp back in 2008) and took Spurs to the Championship League, why get rid of someone that takes you all the way to the top? That’s another story for another time but in saying that I think we should give Mourinho a chance and it’s very early days. 

So what can spurs fans expect from the team this season? We know there’s no chance in winning the Premier League. Tottenham are currently in 8th place, just above Arsenal who are in 9th place and below Man United who are 5th. But we need to finish in the top 4, perhaps 5 with the right points, because who really wants to play in the Europa League. 

Harry Kane thinks Tottenham Hotspur will have to win eight of their remaining nine Premier League games if they are to get in the Champions League next season, and that will be tough. They’ve got West Ham, Everton, Bournemouth, Arsenal, Newcastle, Everton, Sheffield United, Leicester City and Crystal Palace to look forward to playing…It won’t be an easy ride at all.

Something that Mauricio Pochettino is fixated on is the mental aspect of the game, making sure Tottenham players have their mind right before the game and I think that’s important here, now that they’ve had enough time to get physically fit. We’ve seen pre-covid how much the team lacked energy and drive and that’s something that will be crucial over the next few weeks, the team have player options and our key players are back in full health. Let’s go Spurs!

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