4 Steps Towards Living Your Best Life

What does living your best life actually look like? It shouldn’t and won’t look the same for everyone but if anything has taught me in my mid-20’s, it’s that most people aren’t living their best lives and quite often it’s a choice. Life has never become realer to me than now and I’ve really deeped (I use colloquial terms in my blogs at times) that we actually get this life once. Just once. You can’t change the past, you can’t change the times you maybe could have enjoyed yourself more at certain stages of your life but what you can do is control your narrative right now and choose happiness. I’ve written four steps towards living your best life and these are steps that I can honestly say have changed my life. Have a read of them below and take note of the action points too, let’s get to it.

Putting yourself in positive environments begins with your mind and thought processes, and conversations play a big part in this. Most people normalise negative language in everyday conversation “I’m not bad, same old same old”…If you’re not bad, then scrap that word! It’s just as random as being asked how your dinner was and responding “well it didn’t make me vomit”. If you’re not feeling bad, there’s no need to use the word. Actively get used to using positive words, compliment your co-workers, send a funny meme to your friends, once you bless someone with the positive vibes it really will come back to you, and you’d be surprised at how well the right people respond to positivity – it’s a great way to see which people you should be engaging with more on a day to day basis.

Action Points:

  • Start your day with positive affirmations (follow me on Instagram for these)
  • Reflect on 5 things you’re thankful for everyday
  • In every conversation, compliment that person
  • In every conversation, share one aspect of yourself in a positive way (do NOT put yourself down, even in jest)
  • Write a list of positive, descriptive words and keep them on your phone
  • Compliment yourself every single day

We talk about protecting our energy but what does that mean? It’s a phrase I’ve always been fond of saying but always assumed this advice meant stripping away the negatives or toxic people from my life. Distancing yourself from negative conversations or people is very helpful at the beginning of your ‘Living My Best Life’ journey but you have to replace those toxic environments and people. That’s just the first step. It’s almost like going on a healthy diet and stripping away the junk food but starving yourself; you now have to decide which healthy foods you genuinely like and will incorporate into your diet.  Don’t get hung up over who isn’t for you, or why you have to cut someone off – once you know someone isn’t for you, that’s it – move on, any more thought on it now puts you in a negative mind space. The fun part is inviting the good times, good people and good energy around you. Join a local sports team, if you like anime find a local Facebook group and make friends, visit a gym class or pick up an old hobby you’ve always loved – go there expecting to have an incredible time and you will. I promise.

Action Points:

  • Write down 3 of your hobbies and actively find a class or activity related to those hobbies that you can attend or get involved with in your area. Set a date and make it happen.
  • Be aware of your environments, when conversations that you can’t avoid are mostly negative, make a mental note and be aware that it’s negative (why? Practise not normalising negativity) and where possible direct the conversation elsewhere.

We are one massive machine with different senses and at some point we have to really understand our body and what it likes. Different factors can influence how we feel which affects our mood. I know that eating too many dairy products can make me irritable so when I’m working I keep them down to a bare minimum. Which foods make you irritable? Should you be drinking more water? Does too much touch annoy you? Even smells; I love putting lavender oil on my pillow once a week, it helps me sleep and relax at night. And finally sounds; which songs make you happy? If you’re ever feeling a bit grouchy put that song on – FORCE THE GROUCH OUT OF YOU! You should never view your decision to stay grouchy about a situation as more important than your current joy – you deserve to be happy at all times and if it means forcing yourself to get there – why not?

Action Points:

  • Make 5 different music playlists of songs that encourage a positive mood, one for each day of your working week
  • Write a food diary for a week and make note of when you start to feel groggy
  • Tidy your room and work space
  • What makes you laugh? Involve that into your day more, whether it’s a TV show, podcast or book

You are the narrator of your thoughts, only you decide what you spend most of your time thinking about. Be kind to yourself, it will sound weird at first but you have to be. Tell yourself that you’re strong, smart and beautiful and that you’re going to have a good day – on a daily basis! Positive affirmations should only contain positive words and reinforcements so make sure you correct yourself anytime you slip up and say something unnecessarily negative. Our brain processes every single thought like information on a computer. Imagine all of your thoughts being a google search, how many of those searches that are now logged in your mental history positive ones? Luckily you’ve got time to change that ratio so get those good thoughts flowing.

Action Points

  • Start your day with positive affirmations (follow me on Instagram for daily affirmations), specifically about who you are as a person “I am smart, I am strong”…
  • Throughout the day correct yourself anytime you think or say something negative about yourself.
  • Watch less trash TV (watching people argue all day will subconsciously normalise that behavior)
  • Surround yourself with positive people who (if not working towards it) love themself.

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