Indian Healing Clay

February 15th, 2017

I stumbled across one of those cheesy one minute beauty tutorials on Instagram of a girl happily applying a perfectly even mixture of face mask mush across her face (who does that?! I get dollops across my carpet), I noticed the comments underneath the video were slightly different this time.

“Yeah I’ve been using C Ben Clay for years”
“Old news, I’ve used this stuff for decades”
“Guys this is nothing new – get some already”

Clearly I’m living in the stone ages here, I had no idea what this “Indian Healing Clay” was or why I needed it in my life – I felt like the outsider, so I had to do some research.

What is it?
Indian Healing Clay is technically a component called Calcium Bentonite clay, which is a clay that is mined from the earth. It’s a bi product of volcanic ash that has broken down over time and in the presence of water. 

What does it do?
Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay works by lifting the pimple and blackheads into the clay bed to cause accelerated healing and nourishment to the skin with over 50 minerals. It claims to improve blood circulation in the skin to create a refreshed and glowing look.

How does it work?
Bentonite clay  has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, and when activated by water, it acts like a magnet in and on our bodies, pulling metals and toxins to it. It also has an affect on the body’s pH and provides the body with some vital minerals at the same time.

When a facial or clay poultice is applied to the skin it forms a negative charge. Poisons and toxins stored in the epidermis have a positive charge.

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Get a plastic bowl and plastic spoon (do not use metals) and mix an equal part of clay and equal part of either water or apple cidre vinegar to the bowl, mix gently, apply to your face avoiding the eyes, leave on for 5 to 10 minute maximum then wash of gently with warm water. Splash your face with cold water after this then dab gently with a soft towel to dry.

Why apple cidre vinegar?
Apple cider vinegar removes toxins from your face: Regular use of an apple cider vinegar wash will help draw toxins out of your skin leaving a youthful and clean glow, it’s another amazing substance to use on your face so it’s the perfect combination.

My personal verdict
The first time I used the clay I mixed it with Apple Cider Vinegar (equal parts to clay so e.g. 3 table spoons of ACV and 3 table spoons of clay), I left it on my face for 7 to 8 minutes and washed it off with warm water. After drying my face I was quite shocked, my face looked a little lighter but very clean and polished. I panicked at first as I was worried there may have been bleaching properties in it but I can assure you if your face does appear a tiny bit lighter your skin has simply been deep cleansed and cleared of toxins. I’d advise using it once a week, maybe even twice a month… that’s more than enough and that pot will go an incredibly long way. My husband asked me if I was wearing foundation a few hours after I had used the face mask and I honestly think it was just the glow the mask gave me.

This clay is not a miracle worker, if you suffer from severe acne I would advise seeking medical help and also looking into what in your diet may be causing irritation. 

All in all I’ll give this clay an 8 out of 10 and will definitely be using it often.

I purchased my Indian Healing Clay from Amazon here and purchased a mixing kit similar to this one here.

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