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8 Tips To Stay Motivated With Fitness When You Keep Giving Up

1. Fitness first – Nutrition should follow
I’m definitely not saying that diet isn’t important at all – it is. However, I find that when I’ve exercised, I am less likely to eat something I shouldn’t, as opposed to sitting at home all day and then having a boring soup…I’d go crazy and eat half a loaf of bread with it, but that’s just me. Make realistic cuts to your diet (such as cutting out your sugary snacks) before you make a drastic change to your actual dinner choices. I’ve personally found that committing to a form of exercise first, even if it’s just twice a week, will naturally force me to make changes to my diet overtime.

2. Be realistic
There’s not many of us who train 6 times a day, ease yourself in and make the gym or swimming pool the place you visit twice a week, you won’t hate it so much and I could bet you £10 that you’ll start to look forward to your workout days. If you’re not a gym goer then make your jog a twice a week thing, or your exercise class. Tease yourself into it.

3. What do you enjoy?
It doesn’t have to be the gym. In the same way we all have our food preferences, it’s perfectly fine to have an exercise preference, some go to the gym, others prefer calisthenics, some go to exercise classes…So if one form of exercise isn’t working for you – that’s fine. Now that places are opening up now have a look into local sports team, try a new class, go for a jog, try something you wouldn’t expect yourself enjoying and you might surprise yourself.

4. Have a friend keep you in check
Share with them how much your fitness journey means to you and that you need support from time to time, tell them your plans, what foods you plan to eat less of and which types of exercises you’ll be doing and get them to check in with you to see you’ve done it. This really helps especially if you’re not surrounded by people whose fitness and health level is not a concern.

5. Do not check your progress daily or even weekly
Purely based on my own personal experiences, I noticed changes with my body about 6 weeks into exercising 2 – 3 times a week and eating better. I would advise not check your progress weekly unless you’re competing or have particular health reasons to do so. This fitness journey is one to be enjoyed, look forward to the small changes you’ll see overtime, don’t obsess over your end goal. Also, don’t weigh yourself daily; you could have a good eating day and drink loads of water and weigh half a pound heavier simply because of water retention or even bloating. The numbers can lie, sometimes…

6. Write all of your fitness plans and follow them
Freestyling in the gym can be dangerous, particularly when you are starting out your fitness journey. The night before your workout day write down exactly what you plan to do and make sure you stick to it in the gym, have a back up “full body” workout that doesn’t incorporate many machines just in case it’s a busy day in the gym. 

7. Be creative with food
Have a look out for my Instagram stories, I’m always sharing what I’ve cooked. Eating healthily does not have to be boring, at all. You can go crazy with different meats…pause, and veg if you’re vegan.

8. Treat yourself to some fitness gadgets/fitness gear
Even if it’s a new notepad that you keep as your fitness journal, a new sports bra, new running trainers, new food containers, buying new stuff always motivates me (and also makes me feel guilty if I’m slacking). So treat yourself and get excited for your fitness journey, and if you can’t treat yourself, get friendly with someone who will 🙂