DIY Flaxseed Hair Gel

Right! So, I’ve  been wanting to  make some Flaxseed Gel  for my hair for ages. I’ve been hearing about how good flaxseed gel is for the hair, especially Afro and Curly hair. Disclaimer: It is messy to make so use a towel. But it’s very easy to make so it’s worth buying a pack of Flaxseeds next time you do your food shop.

In  short, Flaxseed Gel is produced from boiling flaxseeds in water and the gel extracted when we boil it can be preserved and used for:

  • Wash n Go’s
  • Twist Outs
  • Maintaining curls and coils
  • Slicking the Hair
  • Hair Growth
  • Nourishing the hair (it’s high in Omega 3)

All you need is:

  • Flaxseeds
  • Water
  • Tights/Hold Ups
  • A glass jar or cup
  • A pot to boil water
  • A Towel to avoid covering your kitchen in a weird looking gel

Pour 1/2 a cup of Flaxseeds into a pot

Add 2 and 1/2 glasses of water to the pot and stir the Flaxseeds on a medium heat (don’t bun ’em off)

Mix the Flaxseeds in the water every so often, you should notice the mixture thickening after about 5 minutes

Keep mixing. IF the mixture looks too thick and isn’t mixing well then add more water.

Once the mixture gets thicker and gluey (see video above), turn off the cooker and allow the mixture to cool completely.So now all you need to do is extract the flaxseeds from the gel… (the messy part)

When the mixture is cool, you’ll notice the mixture has thickened, add half a cup of warm water if it’s not easy to stir, it should be liquid enough to pour into something.

Grab your glass jar, fit the Pull Up tights inside the jar (as demonstrated in the video and pictured below) and pour  some of the flaxseed mixture in (do this next step bit by bit)

Squeeze the gel out of the tights (as demonstrated in the video), into a jar or bowl.Once you’ve squeezed all the gel out and have separated it from the flax seeds, put it in an air tight glass jar.Flaxseed Gel should be stored in the fridge and you can keep it for up to 2 weeks. You can add essential oils to the mixture to preserve it further. I also added some Aloe Vera Juice (2 table spoons), some peppermint oil (8 drops) and Rosemary Oil (4 drops) – This is optional.Styling
I tried a plait out style, I washed and conditioned my hair then applied the Flaxseed Gel to each individual plait (as seen in the video above) do NOT go overboard and pile on the gel, a little gel goes a long way and too much will flake. I wrapped up my hair, left it overnight and took it out. You don’t need to wash it out whilst rocking your Flaxseed Gel and go.

Give this a go! The great thing about this gel is that it’s 100% natural and you can gel those edges knowing that no nasty chemicals are harming them.

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