Bershka Grey Gym Set

March 28th, 2017

I purchased this sports bra and leggings set from Bershka about 2 months ago and was pleasantly surprised, I’ve not purchased anything from their sportswear range so decided to give them a try, for a combined £23.00 for a matching sports bra and legging set it’s definitely worth the purchase but have a read of my pros and cons to decide whether these bad boys will work for you.

Colour: Grey, mixed with white and black specs. Goes with anything.

Fit: Leggings are slightly high-waisted which is always a win win for me, there is a tiny bit of movement as you exercise but because they can be pulled up they’re not going to slip lower than wanted. The crotch area isn’t as snug and I have to fold up at the ankles slightly as they work out a bit too short to be full length, it looks quite good rolled up a bit at the bottom. The sports bra will work for up a D-F cup, any larger and I doubt you’ll feel much support

Quality: They’re neither thick nor thin, the thing I love most about the leggings is their thick elastic panel around the waist, it’s comforting to know you have that support whilst performing movements that require you to bend and stretch.  The material is stretchy, it’s not see-through but I wouldn’t wear bright knickers underneath.

Sizing: I’m a size 12 bottoms, I have a large in the leggings which is snug and a medium in the sports bra (I’m a 34F), which fits fine.

Price: Leggings £12.99, Sports Bra £9.99

After Wash: Colour, sizing and quality is unchanged after several washes

Here’s a video of me in their clothing working out, click here for the full workout.

  • I wonder How they would hold up with sweat in the crouch area.. I remember working out at the gym in light grey leggings and looking down.. it’s wasn’t pretty and quite embarrassing. Lol Great review tho Mel, love the high wasted leggings to hold the extra baggage I carry around in that area, shame about the length of the leg but defo worth checking out there range. Thanks for sharing.x

Bershka Grey Gym Set

March 28th, 2017

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