How and why I created an adult card game

I launched After Dark Antics to add a little bit of spice to the way we do house parties. It’s the perfect dare game that gives you the excuse to flirt with your crush, get up to no good and get tipsy, because what else do you do on nights in with the right company? You can buy a pack right now (click here).

My name’s Mel, I’m a lifestyle influencer, music producer, sex-positive event host and then some. 

On a random night playing “Never Have I Ever” last year with friends, I realised how underwhelming the game was. How fun would it be to have a game that didn’t require struggling, tipsy minds to constantly think of something wild they’ve done whilst sat in a circle occasionally taking shots. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a game that actually encouraged us to get a little bit wild, as opposed to just taking about it. I wanted a game that encouraged good company to get to know each other and have an excuse to get up to no good…

After Dark Antics is a card game that I conceptualised and made purely out of curiosity, supported by the best team Leng Section. In the pack of cards, 4+ players have to pick up a card and are faced with four colours: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow…

The player has to pick a colour out loud, and with that, you’ll be challenged to complete the dare based on the colour you’ve picked on the other side of the card. If you can’t bring yourself to do the dare, then you take a shot. Naturally the more you turn down, the drunker you get and the more likely you’ll end up doing the dares later on. The best part of this game is that it’s simple; no matter how tipsy you get, the rules of the game are straight-forward. 

It’s Russian roulette with a pack of dare cards, some dares are somewhat explicit; like choosing two people to have a three-way kiss with, another card might suggest you tell the group about the first time you orgasmed and what it felt like. 

Image courtesy of xmisslaydeex_creative on Instagram

Trialling it with friends was fun but also an interesting experiment; naturally, people assume that the Red dares are the most extreme, but as someone who designed and wrote every single dare, I can confidently tell you that there is no safe colour. Muahaha.

You may have engaged in my Instagram Stories where I discuss all things related to relationships, sex and confessions. I couldn’t have done this without my followers Royal Thots. After Dark Antics is the second game I’ve created, but after some of the fun After Dark Chats I’ve had with my Royal Thots, this game was born. 

Naturally being a Virgo perfectionist, I wanted to make sure every (150+) dare or challenge would welcome fun conversations, healthy flirting and hilarious moments that will create the relaxed vibe you always want in a house gathering. Social anxiety, where?

After a successful conversation with the team at Sh Women Store, the UK’s first sex shop for women, they were more than happy to stock After Dark Antics in their store and sell it on their website, after I hosted a successful event for women at their store where we discussed all things sex and pleasure, learned the fun education side of sex and played games with bottomless prosecco. 

Did I mention my cards are exclusively sold at the UK biggest and first women’s sex shop…

Being able to achieve something like this amidst the entire madness that was 2020, made me realise that whatever you dream of doing isn’t just possible, it could genuinely exceed your expectations. 

Whilst you still have creative juices flowing and access to the internet that can be utilised to learn, empower and make a living, why not go for it? 

I’m still learning in this area, it’s a new and exciting challenge for me. I wanted to make sure that in 2021, when everyone’s allowed to have guests around, we can skip the depressing talks about how bad 2020 was and just open a pack of After Dark Antics and have some fun…

Who’s ready to get loco After Dark?

You can purchase a pack of After Dark Antics from the Sh! Women Store here.