Hello, Howdy, Hi, my name is Melissa Leng-Adams, informally known online as “Her Royal Thighness” online. I’m a fitness enthusiast and athlete based in London and Portugal. Having immersed myself into the fitness world 4 years ago, I have been documenting my fitness journey online as a means of inspiring other women and men to take care of their bodies and push their mental and physical barriers.

Growing up, I suffered from body confidence issues and like most teenagers punished my body through fad diets, starving myself and even purging which caused all sorts of heart palpitations issues. One thing I despised most about my body were my thighs; notably bigger than my peers I wanted slimmer legs and would try everything within my means to have slimmer legs.

Fast forward 10 years, I love my shapely figure and the idea of keeping fit and healthy even more. I am still appreciative of every shape God has blessed women with. I have adopted the nickname “Her Royal Thighness” as a personal reminder of how far I have come from once loathing my body to now loving and embracing it.

I am passionate about instilling a positive mindset into those who follow my journey online; to keep fit, eat well and love their body and those around them. Not one for being conventional, I am also fond of American Football and play Running Back (for those familiar with the sport).

This website is for those who would like fitness, food, football and fashion (fitness fashion, I should add…I know nothing about regular high street fashion) inspiration and advice. Be sure to follow my channels on Twitter and Instagram.