Her Royal Thighness is a Writer, Event Host and Lifestyle Influencer from London whose work can be seen on Channel 4, Huffpost, Adidas and Reebok.

Starting off in the world of Journalism she became a regular contributor for the likes of MTV, The Guardian and was a part of the award winning team as a Digital Journalist at Birmingham Live.

She soon entered the world of Marketing and delivered campaigns for global brands in the worlds of health, finance, entertainment and fashion as a Consultant.

Unable to deny her passion for connecting with other women and improving her health, she ventured into the world of fitness and documented her journey online as a weight trainer which led to joining a local American Football team, being scouted for Great Britain and representing GB in the Women’s World Championships in Canada as a Running Back. She was later asked to teach her popular “Espresso Workouts” at Adidas LDN studios that incorporated training techniques from her football background and HIIT workouts to maximise strength and fitness results for women.

Having quickly built up a community of like-minded women, she soon set up events company Ad Virtus UK; a safe space to offer monthly events for women in London across  fitness, nutrition, women’s health, sex education and beauty.

Her Royal Thighness regularly discusses Adult and “Non-Mainstream” topics with her followers online, often interviewing unique people with alternative views and sharing interesting facts which merges her original love for journalism and connecting with people. She has recently embarked on an additional path of writing short novels.