Say No To Dull Food: 5 Healthy Lunch Recipes You’ll Enjoy

We make jokes about unseasoned food but I don’t think we’ve actually grasped the fact that choosing to eat unseasoned food is basically denying one of your human senses. Taste. It’s tragic.

I tried fad diets years ago before realising I could just work out and eat sensibly – fad diets aren’t fun. You turn into this irritable, carb-deprived monster who only cares about their next meal, which ironically tastes like trash. But you convince yourself to eat through each meal, because: “weight-loss”.

Your taste-buds have been punished so much that anything with a distinct taste excites you. But you soldier through; you keep up with this deprived diet of tasteless chicken with a miserable looking salad until your mind, body and soul checks out.

Your 3rd, designated cheat-meal is the finisher, the 1st one doesn’t set you off course, mind you, but the 3rd one does; that meal reminds you that there is in fact a world outside of unstimulated taste-buds…This sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it?

It’s cool, man – we’ve all been there. I’m not suggesting we give up on eating a cleaner diet, I just think eating healthy meals should be enjoyable; healthy and enjoyable can co-exist. I’ve put together an E-book with 5 Lunch Recipes  you can get started on. These are quick recipes that don’t require a long list of ingredients, if you want a good recipe where you can cook cook and take extra time with then click here for my Chicken Stew recipe. This E-book below includes white meat and seafood options and 2 vegetarian options too.

Download the Free E-book by clicking the banner below, you’ll have the shopping list and instructions for all 5 meals in one place. Let me know how you find them.